Frequently Asked Questions


About Link

  • What is Link and what do Links do?
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  • How much does it cost to use Link?
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  • How can I find out where Links are located?
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  • Who’s the team behind Link?
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  • How is Link funded?
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  • How does Link help cities?
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  • Are Links ADA-accessible?

    Yes, all Link kiosks are built to ADA standards. All of Link's physical kiosks include a hearing loop and controls marked with braille, and each Link tablet has volume control, zoom, and color contrast features which can be adjusted in the tablet's settings (found in the bottom left corner of the tablet screen). In addition, each Link is equipped with talkback for touchscreen use. To engage talkback, walk up to any Link, plug in your headphones to the headphone jack and press 1 #.

    Once you engage talkback, the Link kiosks will read the below instructions:

    Located above the headphone jack is the 911 emergency button. Pressing this button twice will connect you with a 911 emergency operator.

    Under the headphone jack are two USB ports, which can be used to charge your device. They are facing downward towards the ground.

    To the right of the headphone jack is the keypad. The keypad has four columns. The left three columns are a standard telephone touch-tone keypad consisting of 0 through 9, star and pound. The far right column from top to bottom is volume up, volume down, end call and start call.

    While using the touchscreen, the keypad can be used for talkback shortcuts.

    • 1 to slow down talkback speed.
    • 3 to speed up talkback speed.
    • 4 to move to previous item.
    • 5 to select focused item.
    • 6 to move to next item.
    • 7 to move to first item.
    • 8 to initiate a phone call to the Link support team.
    • 9 to move to last item.
    • Star for back.
    • 0 for homescreen.
    • Pound or Hash for overview screen, which is used for switching apps.

    Above the keypad is the touchscreen. There are two rows of buttons on the bottom of the touchscreen. We suggest scanning from the bottom up to get familiar with the applications and buttons. To select an in-focus item, double tap anywhere on the screen or press the 5 key. Swiping left moves to previous item on screen and swiping right moves to the next item. You can scroll by dragging two fingers up or down.

    Additionally, current and upcoming Link locations can be found via the Link Wi‑Fi app, which is WCAG 2.0, W3C/WAI and screen-reader compliant. On the Link website, you can view a map and text list of Link locations by following the below steps:

    1. Navigate to the Link Cities page.
    2. Select the City you are interested in. Please note, maps are not available for Link cities that are coming soon.
    3. You can access a plain text list of Link locations below the map.
    4. On desktop and laptop computers, in the map ‘Search’ text field, type in an address and select the correct option in the autocomplete results. Press the ‘Enter’ key to navigate map points. You can use the ‘Tab’ key to navigate between Link locations on the map. To get information on a specific Link location, you may need to use your plus (+) and minus (-) keys to zoom the map and your arrow keys to move the map. If you need to exit the map navigation press the ‘Escape’ key.

    If you have further questions or suggestions on how we can improve Link accessibility, please contact us for help.

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  • I saw a damaged Link. What do I do?
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Connecting to Link Wi‑Fi

  • How do I log on to the Link Wi‑Fi?

    Download the Link Wi‑Fi app for free, super fast, and secure Wi‑Fi. Log on once and automatically connect whenever you’re near a Link.

    The Link Wi‑Fi app is currently not supported on the LinkNYC network. Learn how to connect to LinkNYC.

    See a list of supported operating systems for the Link Wi‑Fi app. App not supported on your device? You can still connect to Link’s free, super fast Wi‑Fi. Simply go to your device’s Wi‑Fi settings and select the ‘Link Free Wi‑Fi’ network, then register with your email address. Note however, that this network is not encrypted. Learn about the networks.

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  • I see two different Link networks. What’s the difference between the ‘Link Free Wi‑Fi’ and ‘Link Secure Wi‑Fi’ networks?

    Link offers two free Wi‑Fi networks: Link Free Wi‑Fi and Link Secure Wi‑Fi.

    Everyone using the free Link Wi‑Fi app will automatically connect to the Link Secure Wi‑Fi network, which provides a secure, encrypted connection across all your browsing activity.

    If your device doesn’t support the app, you can still connect to the Link Free Wi‑Fi network. Similar to other public Wi‑Fi networks you might use in parks, cafés, or transit systems, Link Free Wi‑Fi is not encrypted and instead relies on the security of the individual websites and apps you use to protect information passing to and from your device. To ensure a website is encrypted, always check to see if a web address begins with 'https://'. Only log in or send personal information to websites you know are fully encrypted.

    In New York? Learn how to connect to LinkNYC.

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  • Is the Link Wi‑Fi app supported in New York City?
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  • Which operating systems are compatible with the Link Wi‑Fi app?

    The Link Wi‑Fi app is compatible with iOS 11 and higher and Android version 5 and higher.

    App not supported on your device? You can still connect to Link’s free, super fast Wi‑Fi! Learn how to connect.

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  • Will my device remember the Link network next time I want to log on?
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  • Can I use Link’s free Wi‑Fi at home or for my business?
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Making Phone Calls

  • How can I make a free phone call from a Link?
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  • Can I make international phone calls from a Link?
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  • I’m having trouble hearing the audio. What can I do to fix it?

    If you’re in the middle of a phone call, a slider will appear on the tablet for you to adjust the call volume.

    If you’re listening to other audio content on the tablet, you can use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the keypad to adjust volume. Or, you can adjust volume in Settings using the on-screen slider:

    1. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon at the lower left of the tablet
    2. Use the on-screen slider to adjust the volume
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Device Charging, Maps, City Services, and 911

  • How can I charge my mobile device at a Link?
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  • How can I look up maps and directions on a Link?
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  • How can I access Tourist Information, City Services, and other local information on a Link?
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  • How can I call 911 from a Link?
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  • I’m having trouble seeing the Link tablet screen. What can I do?
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Data and Privacy

  • Do the Link networks and Link Wi‑Fi app collect any data from my device?
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  • How can I control what data is collected by the Link Wi‑Fi app?

    You have a few ways to control the data the Link Wi‑Fi app collects, and how it is used:

    Mobile Advertising Identifier

    The app provides choices around the collection of your device’s mobile advertising identifier. A Mobile Advertising Identifier is a randomly generated and resettable number that each device’s operating system assigns to a mobile device for use in advertising. To disable use of your device’s mobile advertising identifier, follow the below steps:

    • For iOS users: advertising data preferences are managed in your device settings. Go to Settings → Privacy → Advertising and toggle the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ switch ON.
    • For Android users: open the in-app menu, select ‘Settings,’ find the setting labeled ‘Allow us to collect your device’s advertising identifier’ and toggle the switch OFF.

    Network Diagnostic Information

    The app also provides choices around the collection of connection diagnostic data that we use to improve the quality of the Link network. To disable collection of diagnostic data, open the in-app menu, select ‘Settings,’ find the setting labeled ‘Allow us to collect connection diagnostic data’ and toggle the switch OFF.

    Precise Location Information

    Location permission is required when signing up for the Link Wi‑Fi app. You can limit collection of your precise location information by managing location permissions in your device settings.

    Regardless of what settings you choose, the location of your device will not be shared with any outside party and advertising on public screens will never be targeted to you.

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  • Does Link store browsing history or track the websites or apps that Wi‑Fi users visit?
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  • When I charge my phone, does Link collect any data from my phone?
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  • Do Links have cameras and if so, what information do they collect?
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  • How can law enforcement request production of user information, camera data, or other information?

    To request production of user information, camera footage, or other information, please note we require a subpoena or valid court order to disclose personal information. Send your request with any applicable subpoena or court order to Include details about the specific information requested, including the narrowest useful time period, a specific event or action, and Link location. In an emergency situation that involves the imminent threat to the physical safety of our users or the public, law enforcement can submit a request to



    Contact us for technical support or to report an issue.

    New York City: