Link is in Newark!

LinkNWK is currently rolling out in Newark. 45 LinkNWK kiosks will be installed throughout Newark, encompassing areas around the Prudential Center, and along Broad Street, Market Street, Martin Luther King Blvd., and Irvine Turner Blvd. Link kiosks will also be installed on neighborhood corridors like Ferry St and will be placed in every one of Newark’s five wards.

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Link Wi‑Fi is free, super fast, and secure. Download the free Link Wi‑Fi app and automatically connect whenever you’re near a Link. Link Wi‑Fi supports LinkNWK in Newark and LinkPHL in Philadelphia, and will be coming soon to other cities across the U.S.

The Link Wi‑Fi app is currently not supported on the LinkNYC or InLinkUK networks. We’re currently in discussions with our partners to explore making the Link Wi‑Fi app available in those markets.

In New York or the UK? Learn how to connect to LinkNYC and InLinkUK.

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