How to Connect

Get the App

Download the Link Wi‑Fi app for free, super fast, and secure Wi‑Fi. Log on once and automatically connect whenever you’re near a Link!

The Link Wi‑Fi app is currently not supported on the LinkNYC network. Learn how to connect to LinkNYC.

The Link Wi‑Fi App Has You Covered

Super Fast

Gigabit speeds. That's more than five times faster than cell networks. And no data caps mean as much streaming as you like.

Super Secure

Encrypted network access means no one can see your activity but you.

A Growing Network

Find where to connect to Link Wi‑Fi near you and view upcoming Link locations across Link Cities.

Help at Your Fingertips

Report issues from within the app with just a tap.

All For Free

Link’s free services are entirely funded by advertising. Review our FAQ to learn how you can limit the receipt, use, and sharing of information via the app and review our Privacy Policy for more information.

The Benefit of Link’s Encrypted Network

Typical public Wi‑Fi

Many public Wi‑Fi networks, such as in cafés or transit systems, do not provide a secure, encrypted connection. Instead, they rely on individual websites and apps to encrypt or protect the data you share.

If you’re using a typical public network to visit an encrypted website or app, your information is protected. However, when visiting a non-encrypted website or app, you're not protected, which means that someone else could see your activity or steal your personal information.

Link Secure Wi‑Fi

The Link Wi‑Fi app connects you to Link’s secure network, encrypting your connection on every website and app out there. This means you're protected from others seeing your information, whether you’re browsing, logging in, or anything else—even for sites and apps that are not encrypted themselves.

Automatically Connect with the App

Download the Link Wi‑Fi app once, and automatically connect whenever you're near a Link.

The Link Wi‑Fi app is currently not supported on the LinkNYC network. Learn how to connect to LinkNYC.

On a Laptop? Device not Compatible?

If your device doesn’t support the app, you can still automatically connect to Link’s free, super fast Wi‑Fi. Simply go to your device’s Wi‑Fi settings and select the ‘Link Free Wi‑Fi’ network. However, note that this network is not encrypted. Learn more about secure browsing on the Link Free Wi‑Fi network and see a list of supported operating systems.